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Percy Sales


Percy Sales

Emcee, Image Consultant

A celebrity figure, she is a prolific speaker, a renowned MC and a thriving image consultant. She has hosted events for the United Nations and several other government bodies and world organisations.

For Sarita, her career as an MC started off in 2013 “ I started with activations and my first activation was for Samsung, which was being spearheaded by CS direct then. And then I was employed by a man power agency which is called watermark, which is based in Bangalore.”

This was an accidental pursuit, as she had no idea the field of stage performance was going to be her career in near future. “I got into MCing accidentally because I am an engineer by qualification. And I’d also joined a very reputed Institute for my masters in business administration. And in the middle of that, I realized that this is not where my heart is, and I just wanted to do something else. So I just quit my course in between. I came back and this was quite a hasty decision.” 

It wasn’t all rosy from the start for Sarita when she decided to quit her master course in between. She recalls how she had to financially depend on herself because she had to prove it to her family members that she’s pretty dedicated towards her passion which is stage performance.

Then one fine day she gets a call for an audition for Samsung activation, which she gets through. She recalls that the pay scale for her first MC job was really good back then, and this gave her confidence to further think about this field more seriously. While at Samsung, she did a bunch of activations across different malls of Bangalore. Her next activation was for Intel, which was in tie up with Pulse Strategy, for the well known campaign “My Discoveries”. 

After working for Pulse Strategy for a while, she realised that she’s confident to pursue her career in this field seriously. “And then I figured, okay, that this is an area of interest for me. I like being on stage. I’m quite the performer. And I do enjoy the limelight that follows when you’re on stage. So I decided to take it a notch up, stopped activations completely, and decided to take the plunge and do events.”

For her first step in the big world of events, it was an ad agency called Showbiz that showed faith towards her and her exponentially growing talent.

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