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Maryann Manasseh


Maryann Manasseh

Director, Switch Events and Experiences

Maryann Manasseh has over the last 20 years managed her home life alongside establishing her business with sheer determination and hard work.

Having started her career in the year 2000 as an emcee, Maryann went on to become an employee engagement expert before starting her own event company, ‘Switch Events and Experiences’ where she is currently the Director of. 

Playing the role of a mentor to help and guide budding emcees, Maryann is all about making the best use of opportunities and living in the moment.

Spontaneous, proactive, resilient and passionate, are just a few of the many qualities that best describe our next guest speaker. Maryann began her journey in the industry way back in her 8th grade when she gave an introductory speech on behalf of the emcee during an event in which she was doing an opening dance for. It was her voice that got her recognised and she went on to do various live commentary projects and since then there has been no looking back.


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