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team.i Revamped Nagesh Into An Exceptionally Grown Person

Nagesh was a student of the team.i. He is currently an entrepreneur and life coach based in Bangalore. In his educational career, he has faced many difficulties. Nagesh has prospered with determination and is the success he is today. Starting as a promoter encouraged him to do more in the event management field. With the help of Arvind J. Shabney, he succeeded further under the team.i working alongside Arvind which helped promote the event industry in Bangalore.
With the capability to study a team.i and work at Zeroin, Nagesh found his place in this industry. He has four years of life experience in counseling and is also fond of traveling. He also thoroughly enjoys the art of literature.Nagesh had isolated himself while he was on the journey of being an entrepreneur. He learned and elevated himself to be a better individual.

How was his journey with the institute?

Nagesh was a shy person when he had joined the institute. His journey there has transformed him into being an exceptionally grown person and has become a confident personality. Arvind J. Sabhaney and other faculty had molded him and shaped him as an individual, pushed him into being a better individual. It was the defining phase of his life.

How did the team.i mould his career?

Nagesh’s upbringing was from the North of Bangalore. His exposure to the outer world wasn’t that great. Joining the institute, he realized his English fluency is not that great. He instantly realized he has to work a lot on himself thus was a great start to expand his personality. The skills that he had learned also helped him in his upcoming ventures.

What is his take on 2022?

Nagesh Quotes- “Change is the only thing we need to focus on”.

Nagesh said if you don’t change yourself, your future is not going to be better. We as individuals need to accept reality and evolve ourselves accordingly. The better you get with skills, the better money you can earn. These were the beliefs of Nagesh. Invest yourself in finding your passion. Money will be a byproduct of your investment and energy. 

What is his take on EMpluse?

Nagesh says it’s a great platform to prove yourself. To know yourself better, what you can offer, how you can educate yourself. It is an opportunity to network, make new friends and give great exposure to yourself and expand yourself. To grab that opportunity, you should demonstrate yourself and make the most out of it. 

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