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How Trupthi Went From Quitting A Corporate Job To Event Manager In 4 Months

Hey there, I am Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, founder of team.i- The Entertainment and Media Institute and Event Management specialist for a good 29 years now.

Today I am  going to interview, Trupthi Govinda, who attended team.i’s Event Career Kick-starter Program 2019.

Being passionate is one of the most gratifying qualities of mine that has contributed to my long and successful career in events for the last 29 years.

I strongly believe that this pertains not only to the Event Industry but to any field for that matter.

The quality of talent and potential that is available today has never been better and while that is extremely promising, it also makes it that much harder for the youth to perform better and thoroughly exploit the opportunities that are provided.

Trupthi Govinda, who is today a part of the Market Development team at Zeroin Management Pvt Ltd, is someone whose passion for events motivated her to make a life changing decision, moving from a corporate job to now presiding over large scale events.

Let us see what she has to say about her time spent at team.i and how it helped her achieve her dream.

Tell us about your journey at team.i

“Exceptional” is how I would describe the 4 months that  I spent at team.i pursuing the Event Career Kickstarter Program.

Being the only online program in Event Management in India, it is a course that has quickly gained immense popularity among the youth especially since it allows us to take up a course in event management while also continuing to pursue our job or education.

The course takes place for a period of 12 weekends and is structured in the most feasible manner.

I found the whole experience to be very exciting where I learnt a lot about the field and for me was a revelation into the world of events.


Going back a few years, tell us about what you were doing and what made you want to pursue Event Management?

Less than 2 years ago, I was working a 9-5 desk job that I did not enjoy doing, so much so that I found myself having a “brain freeze” phase, where I no longer looked forward to go to work.

This called for a change and deciding to follow my passion was the first step.

Upon doing my research on the various courses that are now available, I stumbled upon team.i and finding it to be the best fit. 

I had a long conversation with the academic counselor, Hari who clarified all my doubts while also ridding me of my skepticism about a 4 month, online program in Event Management.

I signed up soon after and thus began my journey in the world of events.


Tell us about your experience organizing events and how you manage to put together events having just completed a course

Having orchestrated close to 7 events, I was able to take on this huge responsibility solely due to the knowledge and experience that I gained in those 4 months at team.i.

I will be forever grateful to my teacher, Neeraj who guided and prepared me to take on big roles and molded me to be capable of heading huge teams and catering to over 900 people.

Being able to only give my weekends, for me, this course could not have been structured better.

The internships and the opportunities that came with it played a huge role in my overall development as an Event Planner.


Tell us more about how this course helped you get a job as well as prepare you to organize events

What was most important for me was that the course was interesting and kept me zealous and driven.

I am proud to say that team.i surpassed all of my expectations and delivered to their fullest while being a constant source of support throughout.

I was not burdened by a rigid curriculum and enjoyed my time at team.i incorporating what I was learning into real life scenarios and gaining all the practical exposure that got sent my way.

I was being introduced for the first time to the world of events and coming from a work culture that is quite drastically different from that of the event industry, it was important to me to be well taken care of and taught in the right manner.

I came in with an open mind and was keen to learn everything there was to learn about the industry.

Hard work and keen interest for the course saw me through the 4 months culminating with me being offered to take on massive roles working some of the biggest events in Bangalore.


Tell us more about the online program and what made you decide to pursue it, given the nature of the industry

Coming from a conventional schooling background, I was initially hesitant about the course, it being a part time, online program especially given the nature of the industry.

Within the first two classes however, I was more comfortable with my decision and with the help of an amazing mentor was able to cope with the course.

Using platforms such as Zoom and Video chat, there was never a communication gap that existed.

Screens and videos were shared and the one on one student teacher interaction sessions did not make me feel like I was outside of a classroom setting.

Sitting in the comfort of my home, I was able to attend lectures by some of the best faculty who have several years of experience working as subject experts in the industry.

The syllabus has been designed in a manner that focuses not only on theoretical teaching but on being able to apply the lessons in practical scenarios expecting to achieve the most efficient outcomes.



The aim is to challenge our students to think outside the box and really incorporate what they learn into their work.

We prefer to teach by sharing experiences and giving our students a feel of the reality of being involved with the industry hoping to set a strong foundation which will eventually take them a long way.

It was a pleasure speaking with Trupthi and we wish her the very best in all her future ventures.

To know more about the institute and the courses available, do check out our website www.teami.org



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