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Interview with DJ Chico Sharma

Expert Speak on the changing landscape…a plethora of opportunities is the third installment of the team.i instagram live series. Through this series we aim at providing a common platform for all those interested in understanding and contributing to the future of the Events and Entertainment Industry after this entire pandemic situation.

As we all know that the economy has been hit hard due to the pandemic and its effect can be felt strongly in various industries especially the Events and Entertainment Industry. Thus, through our live series we look to answer some key questions and queries of concern related to this dynamic industry that are being constantly asked by freshers, students and employees of this industry. 

On a lovely Wednesday evening, 17th of July at 6pm, we had DJ Chico Sharma, with a vast experience of 26 years in music, join Mr. Arvind, CEO of team.i on our Instagram live series  Expert Speak on the changing landscape…a plethora of opportunities.

Tell us about yourself:

 DJ Chico’s journey in the world of music started in India when he was 13 years old. :My parents loved listening to new music, and hence there was always new music at my place, and this is why my friends would invite me for parties”.

Slowly, DJ Chico found himself playing in small gatherings and parties quite often. “I never did it for the pay, I always played music for my passion and to entertain people. Music has always been deeply rooted in me”. 

He then moved to England for higher studies, and this is where he got an opportunity to explore the music properly. “There were specific shops for music, platforms for dj etc”.

Thus, he got good exposure with his style of music. Being devoted to music on a frequent basis, made him realise that music is his first love. 

“This is when I realised that music made me happy. That’s when I realised this is what I want to do”. 

How was the lockdown period for you?

According to DJ Chico, Djing doesn’t stop. Thus during this time he went live on social media so many times. “I used to do it to entertain people since it was trying times for everyone”.

The other thing he focussed on was to educate himself and in upskilling. “If you didn’t use these 100 days to educate yourself in your field, then you have wasted it. But there’s still a lot of time left.

For me, I watched a lot of videos on youtube about technology and different gears. How to enhance my gear and set. Understanding skills that I never thought that could work on the gear. I have used my time to get that aspect right about my understanding of music”. 

Are you able to monetise these periods?

“I haven’t been able to monetise anything. Doesn’t mean we didn’t try, we did. But the sad truth is, in India nobody likes spending on the entry fee”.

Your take on the future?

 “The next 6 months would be tough. Even though the event managers are putting effort to bring the party to virtual. But the situation is bad all around the world. Unless miraculously a vaccine is found. This industry is a strong industry, and will never go away. Nothing has killed entertainment. It has survived just about everything, and it will survive this time too”.

Any Advice for the youngsters out there?

If you want to do it, nobody can stop you from doing it. If this is what you want to do, do it. Do it for the passion of doing it. Don’t do it for cheque or free booze.

If you are hellbent on being a dj, it’s great. Entertainment industry will never stop. It’s on a pause right now, and every other industry is impacted too. If you want to be a DJ, stick in there and hold your guts. Use this time wisely, and use it to learn. This is a new rule book, and the thing is are you willing to put in hard work to be part of this rulebook. 

Stay focussed, and learn how to be technically correct. Now is the time to learn extra skills. If you do not utilise this time period, then it’s never going to come again”.

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