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Importance of Soft Skills for Event Planners

Event planning is a stressful job! However, having essential soft skills are vital for a successful event. It also ensures that stress levels do not rise. Event Planning is not an easy career. But it is definitely rewarding and satisfying for both client and event planner. Provided you possess most of the soft skills required to excel in this job.

Before we talk more about the importance of soft skills for Event Planners, let us first understand – ‘What are soft skills?’ and ‘What is Event Planning?’ What are Soft Skills?

According to the dictionary, ‘Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people’.

What constitutes soft skills?

Soft skills may include :

1.Attention to detail

2.Positive Attitude

3.Good Communication and Interpersonal skills

4.Manage Time well

5.Problem Solving ability

6.Team Player


8.Accept Criticism and learn from mistakes



11.Negotiation skills


What is Event Planning?

According to the International Institute of Event Management, Event planning is the process of managing a project. Such as meetings, conventions, trade shows, ceremonies, team building activities or parties.

Therefore, an event planner is one who coordinates professional meetings and events. They are responsible for choosing the perfect venue, arranging transportation, booking caterers, sending out invitations to guests and coordinating every detail to achieve a smooth-sailing event.

Soft skills and its importance for Event Planners-

A few key soft skills and its importance are listed below:

Good communication and interpersonal skills- including verbal and written are crucial to find out the needs of the client. Failure to communicate effectively will almost always end in disaster. This happens if the event planner fails to communicate and understand a client’s needs which are key to successfully execute an event.

Attention to detail -cannot be emphasized more! A good event planner does not underestimate how important this skill is. A small cog is important in the running of a big machinery. Likewise it is vital to ensure the execution of minor events happens without a glitch. We all know how a small glitch in any event planning can ruin the entire event. Therefore, never dismiss even the smallest of concerns. Ensuring everything in order is key.

The ability to manage time and solve problems quickly are important too. The main test for an event planning firm is to make sure tasks are carried out well and on time. An event is never without challenges and glitches. The important thing to remember is to identify a problem and quickly solve it before it spirals out of control. This requires teamwork. Good team work ensures that everyone plays their role without looking at it as an ego-boosting play.

Creativity is another skill that is often neglected by many planners. While it is important to listen and meet the criteria and needs of clients. A successful event planner is one who is able to creatively engage the client to boost the event. Including unique ideas into a client’s plan will help create a better event. Remember not to push your ideas too much as the client may have some restrictions on budgets among others. End of the day, creativity comes with experience.

Negotiation skills mainly relate to convincing the vendor or service provider. Making certain they lower the rent of the venue, to provide a good package for the services sought among others. In essence, it is to get a value for money deal for your client. To ensure you get a fair deal from your client, you must be flexible and honest.

Communicate to the client your expectations and time line. This is where your bargaining power comes into play. A good negotiating skill will result in mutual satisfaction for both.

Multitasking is inevitable in event planning. Planning an event requires and demands a host of skills and knowledge. This also requires that you delegate tasks that you are not able to handle all by yourself. At the same time, ensure that your team members are able to handle multiple tasks without compromising on quality and effort.

As event planning requires many skills and completing different tasks, being Organised is especially important. Keep a list of things to be done, its status as well as the timeline. Share it with your team members. Have daily meetings to get updates. This ensures that the team gets an idea of the status of the tasks assigned to them, the problems they may encounter and what remains to be done. This is definitely a key for a successful outcome.

Besides all these soft skills one needs to be passionate about your job as an event planner. It is central to your success story. Do not look at it as merely a job or task that needs to be done for money. Enjoy your job and partake in its tasks with excitement and longing. This will lead to a fruitful event. It is contagious. If every team member is passionate and on-the-go about their job, there is no time for boredom or mistakes to happen!

How to attain these soft skills?

Wondering how to gain so many soft skills?

Well, we have the answer!

One can gain these soft skills over-time with experience. But, to start your bright career in event management you also need to be strong in your foundation. Today, there are few event management institutes out there like Team.i – School of New which are making their students industry ready, by the time they graduate.

They offer 50% classroom teaching and 50% practical sessions. Students are given theoretical knowledge on soft skills as a part of the course curriculum and also make students work on-ground events which ultimately result in improving those skills set. Students are offered real time industry internships which set them apart from the crowd.

Moreover, by learning from industry experts, having celebrity and guest lectures from renowned event management agencies like DNA Entertainment Networks, students get immense exposure to the industry requirements.

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