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Decoding The World Of Online Meetings

A common trait among others that the pandemic has influenced in industries around the world is that of the shifting of businesses to an online environment. Gone are the days of in-person meetings, interactions and social networking and in its place we now have Zoom meetings, Google meet, TEAMS and many other up and coming platforms. 

What can only be seen as a transformative stage, one in which, given the rapidly evolving technological advancements, the future is that of the virtual space, we, the event industry as a community need to not only keep up with the changing times but go one step further and contribute to its progress and positive development to the best of our ability.

In keeping with this, it then becomes important to address one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to conducting online meetings, ‘Etiquette.’

The era of advanced technology has made it possible for individuals to connect with each other sitting in two different parts of the world, opening a plethora of opportunities while doing so. 

However, we mustn’t forget that by the end of the day, it is a professional interaction, one that requires a certain level of discipline, structure and etiquette to proceed with the right objectives.

The basic etiquette that needs to be followed while attending an online meeting.

1. Internet and Hardware Facilities

Making sure you have the required bandwidth, internet connection, hardware devices and backup facilities in case you might need it is one of the first things that needs to be taken care of before beginning any online meeting.

2. End Result

A pleasant experience is what it ultimately needs to come down to and the unavailability of gauging a person’s immediate reaction through a screen can cause some hindrance in this aspect and therefore making sure to maintain a positive atmosphere is important.

3. Background Settings

Choosing the appropriate background. One of the biggest factors today, thanks to the availability of virtual backgrounds, is making sure the individual has an appropriate setting, one that is not interrupted by distractions such as family members walking in the background, household noises and other everyday distractions that come in the way of online meetings. 

4. Room aesthetic

Along with this, making sure the room is well lit, allowing the other attendees to have an unobstructed view is equally important. A lot of times when wanting to raise a question or share an opinion at the same time when someone else is speaking, using the chat option comes in handy. By leaving your message on the group, you can still contribute to the conversation without interrupting.

5. Put your Video on

Ensuring that the video stays on during the duration of the meeting, unless otherwise mentioned, is crucial to keep the interaction going and encourage active participation. 

6. Dress Code

Dressing appropriately while being a part of an online meeting is just as important as if the meeting were to be in-person. Important in setting a professional tone, maintaining a good work attire can strongly influence the vibe of the online meeting.

7. Audio 

Keeping the microphone on mute when not speaking, or being addressed limits the distraction that can arise due to one’s surroundings. Working remotely means there can be various household noises and sounds that can interfere with carrying out an online meeting but care should be taken to limit these disturbances as much as possible.

8. Being Present

Lastly, staying present. With online meetings, it is not difficult to space out from time to time but understanding that its agenda is equally important as in-person meetings, a conscious effort to stay alert during the course of the meeting is necessary.

Virtual work is here to stay and while it might not be the exact substitute for in-person interactions, it is crucial in conducting business activities today and moving things forward on a planned agenda. 

By keeping in mind the above mentioned points, there is no doubt that you too can have a fruitful virtual experience.

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