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Communicating to Succeed by Vineeth Kumar – Session Highlights

As children we have a trump card where we communicate without having to utter a word but once we grow up and gain the knowledge that makes this task easier, some of us are pushed to the sidelines. Why?

On the 14th of April, 2020 team.i-The Entertainment and Media Institute conducted the first session of the team.i education series where the topic of discussion was- ‘Communicating to Succeed.’ Mr Vineeth Kumar was the guest speaker for the 2 hour long session that took place over a Zoom. 

While the session was to gain an insight into the practical aspect of communication from an event management perspective, Mr. Vineeth did a remarkable job in helping us understand the beauty of the English language and the importance of consistently learning and improving our communication skills.

Some of the key topics that were discussed include:

The path of communication between the various service lines of event management, from employee-client interaction, both new and existing, employee-boss communication to other interpersonal communication relationships that are crucial for any event company.

The importance of developing a mind map, assessing your clients and offering them clarity in times of confusion and the fundamental belief that the boss and the client are always right and the method to effectively communicate your point, were some of the points that were discussed.

With the help of relatable examples, Mr. Kumar was able to convey such strong messages that we were left awestruck.

From matters of avoiding disputes due to miscommunication to ensuring that each client is made to feel important by a simple training technique of the employee, he explained it all in a manner that kept us hooked to our screens.

One of the highlights of the session was his response to the gaps in effective communication at a time when the world is in the grip of a pandemic. His response was a breath of fresh air at a time when all seems hopeless.

He stressed on the importance of using this time wisely to acquire knowledge, nurturing it to improve on yourself.

This is a time of accumulation, a time to learn, do everything you wanted to but never did, alleviate your language skills by reading.

Mr. Vineeth shared a beautiful story with us to understand the treasures we discover by simply picking up a newspaper to read the editorial section and the impact the hidden message has on our lives. How we continue to reflect on the words and expressions for years to come and what a deep impression it has on us. 

He appeals to us to do the things that add value to our lives like reading adds value, knowledge and ease of language.

Reading introduces you to words, using it brings in the ease of language.

It does not have to bring in financial value, this fallout is only temporary, it will pass. Work on adding so much value now that it will benefit you when this ends.

When you come out of this isolation, you will come out a better human being, with more knowledge and abilities.

Somes of the questions that he answered included:

Whether to listen to the whole conversation of the client or build on while he/she speaks?

New to reading, where do I start?

How to say no to a client or boss?

Why would someone at the top of his career need language enhancement?

All in all it was an incredible session where we learnt so much more than better communication. Mr. Vineeth’s simple yet inspiring and detailed approach to all things English was indeed an eventful experience.

To watch the session, click on the link to register – https://bit.ly/3ctYrnz

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