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Communicate to Conquer

With the incredible response that he generated after his first session, there was no doubt that we needed to conduct a second session just to top it all off. On the 19th of May, 2020, we at team.i conducted the 9th session of the team.i event edu series, in the presence of none other than Mr. Vineeth Kumar.

This time round, speaking on the topic Communicate to Conquer, Mr. Vineeth did not fail to disappoint. Similar to his first session, the topic of discussion was just one level higher in terms of better helping the attendees inculcate certain concepts of the English language into their speech.

His sessions have the ability to keep the audience engaged without them acknowledging the passing of time which speaks volumes about the speaker that he is.

Mr. Vineeth covered topics such as:
– Improving one’s language skills
– The art of public speaking
– Building the confidence to address large audiences

Sharing his understanding on how to have smooth across-the-table conversations, engage a large group of people with your language skills and to instill in yourself the confidence to start conversations, Mr. Vineeth did a wonderful job in conveying his knowledge on the topic.

With the standard that he set for himself with his first session, he outdid himself with this one. Through the means of sharing everyday, ordinary and relatable real life instances and situations, Mr. Vineeth has the ability to engage with his audience thus helping them to relate to the topic better.

The attendees were comfortable enough to voice their opinions and share their own stories and experiences, making the session truly interactive and intellectually engaging. 

Towards the end of the session, there was a questionnaire round where points of interest were discussed and questions answered. Mr. Vineeth truly did an exceptional job and we hope to have him with us for yet another session very soon.

In case you missed out on this learning opportunity, feel free to click here to register yourself for the view on demand copy of the session.


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