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An Interview with Yashwanth R from team.i

A student whose willingness to learn and participate wholeheartedly has instilled in him the confidence to continue learning while honing his leadership and communication skills at the same time is none other than Yashwanth R.

Currently pursuing his Certificate Program in Event Management at team.i and while not in a hurry to start working, he is eager to explore the space of freelancing in the area of event productions.

His Story

With a background in science, Yashwanth completed his schooling and college in Bangalore before starting his work as a BBMP Marshal. He has been passionate about the event industry for a long time now and would like to continue his career in the field when things get back to normal. Yashwanth joined the BBMP since having experienced being in the NCC back in his college days and goes on to tell us about his work as a Ward Marshal and the responsibilities it entails.

Yashwanth is very clear on how he wants to proceed with his career in the future and has a clear plan in place. Wanting to continue his work as a BBMP employee, he wishes to complete his graduation before going on to work at an event management company.
Eventually, he sees himself becoming an established member of the event fraternity and to one day open his own event company.

His Journey As A Student And A Working Professional

Having joined the BBMP in May, Yashwanth speaks about his role as a Ward Marshal and his journey working towards ensuring a crime free society while working in collaboration with the police.

Working with events has been his passion since his school days, ever since he was a captain and started his journey as an event planner, planning cultural and sporting events and taking on leadership roles. Today, he wants to be a part of the industry and learn more about it in an organised and disciplined manner.

Parting Thoughts

At the moment, Yashwanth is eager to work as a freelancer in events alongside continuing his work with the BBMP. In the near future however, he wishes to be able to put what he has learnt at team.i to good use and organise a large number of events.

Yashwanth has attended 13 events and worked across different categories of events during his time at team.i. He is very grateful for the opportunities that he was given where he learnt a lot in terms of gaining significant industry knowledge and experience that went beyond his expectations and was very happy to be a part of it.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Yashwanth and we wish him all the best and every success in his future endeavours.
In case you missed out on attending the live session, do head on over to our Instagram Page to catch the recording.


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