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An Interview with our Student – Mirza Habeeb

Mirza Habeeb Raza finds his calling in Operations Management as he enjoys working with a team of driven and dedicated individuals who strive to deliver to the best of their abilities. A quick learner, Mirza has through his past experiences along with the training and support from team.i managed to hone his professional skills making her an exemplary performer and candidate for event companies all over.

As someone who loves a good challenge and is committed to delivering, Mirza has come a long way since his days as a financial analyst and is today ready to take on the event industry by storm.

His story

Born and raised in Bangalore, Mirza completed his graduation in the city and went on to work at Dell. Back in school and college, he was an active member of organising events and conducting fests and spent a lot of time both participating and hosting events. 5 months into his time at Dell, he came to realize that that was not something he was cut out for and began to question his readiness for a corporate job.

Eventually, he decided to follow his long standing passion in the space of event management and that’s when he came across team.i and decided to pursue the Certificate Program in event management in order to get a better professional experience and understanding.

What made him choose team.i

Aside from the charismatic personality and approachable nature of our CEO, Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney who never fails to leave a lasting impression on those he comes in contact with, Mirza was strongly influenced by the clarity and structured manner in which the institute promoted its courses.

From offering advice to helping him see the bigger picture, Mirza was convinced in his decision to join team.i

What his experience at team.i has been like

A combination of theory and practical experience all in all served as the most efficient teaching methodology wherein they were mentored and guided in a manner that allowed them to have a 360 degree understanding of various concepts pertaining to the industry.

From learning about professional etiquettes, the different phases of production to client servicing and effective communication, the brilliant faculty at team.i made every session a great learning experience.

His experience working on industry projects

Having joined the course late, Mirza missed out on a couple of events but still managed to work on several projects that taught him a lot. One of these events included the ‘Ecos of Earth’ musical festival, an event he always wanted to be a part of. The Goa based TVS event was another memorable experience for Mirza.

Telling us more about the Ecos of Earth event, Mirza shares his experience working as part of the Production team where he came to realize the hard work and tireless effort that goes into organising an event of that magnitude.

Over the course of his program at team.i he has also had the opportunity to work as part of the Hospitality and Media team,  and the Security and client servicing team as well.

What he has been upto during the lockdown

Apart from attending online team.i classes, an initiative was taken by DNA Network to interact with the students and teach them about the changing event landscape and the opportunities that it has given rise to. Mirza has also been following the team.i Instagram Live Series and understanding how event professionals are dealing at this time of uncertainty.

What kind of job is he looking for

Mirza is looking for a job as part of the Operations department as he enjoys the thrill of having to play a crucial role on the day of the event. From interacting with the clients to managing the team and ensuring that all runs smoothly, Mirza finds his strengths to lie in this space of event management.

As someone who believes that the job of an event manager is not limited to geographical locations and singular job descriptions, Mirza is all set to explore the diverse and exuberant industry of event management.

How important to an event planner is physical fitness in his opinion

Being in an industry that requires you to constantly be on the move and actively involve yourself in the process, being fit and healthy is very important. In order to deliver to the best of their ability, event planners will need to ensure that they remain healthy and fit at all times.

Does he think team.i will get him a job

Without a doubt, Mirza believes that the learning and experience gained at team.i goes beyond the classroom and enables them to think critically and make decisions keeping in mind long term objectives. 

Why he thinks he should get hired

With a dynamic personality and as someone who absolutely enjoys what he does, Mirza comes equipped with the skill set, experience and practical knowledge that enables him to effectively implement his learning given any situation and participate wholeheartedly while giving his 100% at every opportunity.

In case you missed out on being a part of the live session, do check out our Instagram Page to catch the recording.

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