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An Interview with Kiran Kumar

A student whose hard work, perseverance and discipline has led him to shoulder responsibilities in a manner that is near close to one of a professional, Kiran Kumar is all set to take on challenging roles and is looking forward to putting his skills and knowledge to good use by getting involved in the space of Productions in the event management industry. Innovative and experienced, Kiran takes his work very seriously and is prompt in coordinating group efforts in a most efficient manner.

His Story

Hailing from the small district of Tumkur, Kiran was pursuing his studies in the field of science when he came to realise that it was not something that interested him. Wanting to be a part of a more creative and explorative industry, Kiran went on to do a diploma in civil engineering for 2 years but was still not convinced that it was a career he would enjoy. The strong sense of feeling dissatisfied and ungratifying with what he was doing compelled him to branch out and explore more non conventional areas.

Since he can remember, Kiran has always enjoyed taking part in creative activities and engaging in cultural, artistic and sporting events and even went on to become a 2 times coco state player. He would organise cricket tournaments in college and other events as well but wanted to do something on his own that was adventurous and started working as a network marketer in MY LIFESTYLE. Not long after, he came to know about team.i and believed that he could pursue his love for social and cultural activities from here. While he may have taken time to find his calling, Kiran has found the hope to pursue his career as an event planner.

His Time Spent At team.i

Kiran was very excited to begin his journey and learn more about the different verticals that team.i made possible to explore. He was able to first-hand experience live events and grasp lots of knowledge and see a future for himself among those he worked with. Each day proved to be a new experience and introduced him to many new and interesting concepts and ideas.

About The Classes At team.i

Each member of the faculty at team.i taught different subjects and did a great job at covering every aspect of the industry matter helping the students to better understand and implement their learning on a practical level. Kiran is today proud to say that his time at team.i has allowed him to help others discover their love for the industry and help them see the different opportunities it provides. He sees himself improving day-by-day and his communication and speaking skills have come a long way since. Each class has challenged him to push his limits and test out new waters.

The Industry Projects

Kiran has done 8 events across different categories so far and enjoyed his time at the Pro Kabbadi league back in 2019 where he was a part of the F&B team and the Media department. He was responsible for handling the team and other logistical work that helped him engage his theoretical learning on a live event. Another event he really enjoyed was the Echoes of Earth event where a lot of effort was put that led to a great outcome in terms of learning and experience gained. Kiran enjoyed working as a team and saw the whole event work out successfully.

Time Spent In Lockdown

Kiran has been spending his time attending the online team.i classes along with the live Insta Series that he has enjoyed and learnt a lot from. The students have also been addressed by the DNA Network faculty and learnt a lot about the concept and relevance of virtual events and its role in the future of the industry. The classes have helped them see the industry in a new light and Kiran genuinely believes that his learning has been even more profound since the online classes started for the mere fact that the adaptive approaches and new concepts have been something that instills a sense of curiosity and eagerness in him.

His Strengths

Passionate, creative, hard working and someone ready to take on responsibilities and be accountable for big tasks, Kiran possesses the right skills, experience and techniques to deliver to the best of his abilities while showcasing the much needed ability to work well with others.

It was amazing chatting with Kiran and learning more about him and his journey at team.i. We wish him the very best of luck and every success in his future.

In case you missed out on the live session, do head on over to our Instagram page to watch the recording.

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