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An Interview with Abinash Kumar Mahato

Being trained to work on multiple tasks in a meticulous and detailed manner, our next student speaker has proved himself time and again when it comes to meeting commitments in a professional and thorough manner.

Abinash Kumar is looking to work in the Production space of event management and is keen to practically apply the knowledge and skill set that he has acquired at team.i.

His Story

Coming from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Abinash was in his 12th std when he realised that he was not clear on what he wanted to do next. Seeking out the guidance and suggestions given to him by his older sister who is settled in Bangalore, she advised him to try his hand in the field of event management. Excited by the idea of learning something new and challenging, Abinash thus began the start of his journey with events and so he moved to Bangalore and began his search for some of the top institutes offering event management courses.

Having visited several institutions, they were mighty impressed by the counselling session conducted as well as the sprawling campus that team.i had to offer and soon after Abinash was enrolled for the Certificate Program in event management. His time spent at team.i has proved to be an immersive learning experience and he is keenly awaiting his results to see just how far he has come since his days back in Jamshedpur.

How he liked the theory classes and what he enjoyed the most

Having enjoyed all the theory classes that he attended, Abinash fondly remembers his time with Vincent sir, the course director for the CPEM program at team.i. Like every other student, Abinash looked forward to his classes that went much beyond the curriculum. From discussing the events they attended, analysing their performance to engaging in interactive discussions and working on interesting presentations and projects, Abinash made the most of these classes.

His experience working on Industry Projects

Abinash has been a part of close to 13 events during his time at team.i and he goes on to share with us 2 out of those 13 events and the learning and experience that he gained through it. The MotoSoul event being the first, where he was the first point of contact at the event, supervised and managed the entire team of students who were a part of the event all while ensuring that the event went on without a hitch.

This event taught him a lot in terms of working under pressure, multi tasking and time management, something he implements even today. The Marvel Avengers station exhibit was the other event that to him was a memorable experience. Working from 9 AM to 9 PM nonstop for 45 days, while challenging and tiresome, taught him a great deal about the reality of working in the industry.

Having to interact and communicate with over 500 attendees, Abinash was glad to have been taught by some of the best faculty who had prepared them for everything that they had to execute.

What he’s been up to since the lockdown began

Initially, Abinash was hit by the fear with regard to the future of the industry and the implications of the pandemic on his career as an event planner. However, he did not have to worry long as once the online classes began at team.i, he was reassured of the revival of the industry in the months to come. He came to understand that all was not lost and that in due time, things would eventually fall into place.

Apart from attending classes, Abinash is preparing for his upcoming exams that will decide his graduation from the course. He has also attended the classes conducted on virtual events and is looking forward to seeing what the industry will have to offer in the coming few years in terms of the plethora of opportunities that are being explored today.
The kind of job he is looking for and what makes him the right candidate for it
Abinah has his heart set on wanting to work in the field of Productions given his prior experience in this department.

A hard worker, committed to executing his work to the best of his abilities keeping in mind the right approach, he is a great team player, highly capable of managing a large team and delivering efficiently.

Why he believes he should be hired

His long list of work experience, his understanding and knowledge about the production department and his eagerness to learn and grow as a successful event planner makes him the most suitable candidate for the position he is looking for.

Willing to move anywhere within the country on work, he is comfortable speaking the English language and is excited to see what awaits him within the industry.
Here’s wishing him the best of luck and looking forward to seeing him achieving his goals in the near future.
In case you missed out on the live session, head on over to our Instagram page to catch the recording.


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