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What is Sports Management?

Do you love Sports? Are management and administration your strengths?  Would you like to go beyond playing and get into the management of sports events? If yes, today Sports Management offers a plethora of lucrative career opportunities both in India and abroad.

  Read on to know about how the industry is growing, the roles and responsibilities of a Sports Manager and the training opportunities in India for an assured career

The Sports Management Industry

Sports these days is being seen as one of the largest industry world-wide in terms of employment and revenue generation.  The global sports industry is estimated to be between 480-620 billion $s.  This industry in India may contribute about 1 to 5% of the country’s total GDP.  This emerges from the fact that from a Cricket loving nation   now we are moving towards a multi-sport loving culture. Events such as Indian Premier League, Indian Badminton League, Hockey India League, Pro Kabaddi, Indian Super League and professionalization of heritage sports such as   Goti, Gilli Danda and  Lagori  has given Sports Management    a new dimension.   Professional Sports Managers in large numbers will be highly in demand in order to realize the true potential of the industry and making India a sporting Super power in the coming years.  

 With a constantly growing audience for sports events through TV and internet, advertising and sports marketing are fast expanding businesses. The Sporting Goods and Apparel industry in India is a decade old now.  It caters to international sports events such as the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tenace Tournament.

What does a Sports Manager do?

You will be expected to perform any and every role as the need may be, much beyond the given job description related to conducting and managing sports.  Hence if you are energetic, highly motivated, an excellent team player, wonderfully articulate and extremely analytical, ready to vigorously multi-task, then the industry is   eagerly waiting for you.

Roles of a Sports Manager

  1. Sports Management includes any and all the functions that keep a sports team operational and functional. As a Sports Manager you would be involved in planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading and evaluating sports events and activities at the local, national and international level.
  2.  You could be in charge of a sports institution, managing a sports team or its parent program.
  3. Training of teams and arranging sponsorships would be an important aspect of your work.
  4. Sometimes it maybe front office
  5. You will be liaisoning between teams, organizers, Government and all the key stakeholders.
  6. Sports tourism is another area offering opportunities these days
  7. Sports Medicine is also an upcoming field. A Sports Injury Centre has recently been developed at Safdarjung hospital Delhi. This is expected to enhance sports tourism in India.
  8. The profile entails HR responsibilities.

Your role will certainly vary depending on your employer and designation.

Who will be your employers?

Once qualified in this dynamic field, you have the opportunity to be absorbed by  a large number of settings and organizations. Let us enlist a few prominent ones.

  • College sports department
  • Professional Sports Team
  • Amateur sports
  • Sports marketing and management firms
  • Sports communication and news media firms
  • Corporate sponsorship and advertising firms
  • Sports goods companies
  • Arenas, stadiums and sports federations
  • Community recreational sports programs
  • Agencies sports programs by YMCA YWCA, JCC etc
  • Private sports clubs
  • Military sports clubs

Job Roles:

Your roles and responsibilities in diverse   settings and designations would intersect and overlap.  Below we enumerate only the key characteristic responsibilities under prominent designations.

  1. Marketing assistant:
    • Compile, format and report information and material in order to support promotional and  sales operations.
    • Sports related market research , analysis and presentations.
    • Publication of pricing schedules and supporting sales team
    • Sports related content development
  2. Sales manager:
    • Working towards growth and sales targets
    • Designing and implementing the plan for promotion and sales for sports events and other activities
  3. Media relations assistant/ Sports information director
    • Managing all interactions with print and electronic media for sports team or parent program
    • Creation and management of social media accounts/platforms
    • Sports related research and data collection
    • Coordinating with sports teams
    • Creating and editing material for publication
    • Assisting with press conferences
  4. Special events/sports coordinator:
    • Logistics, organization, communication and promotion of sports events
    • Preparing emergency and contingency plans for situations like whether, injury , accident and security
    • Individual and team need assessment and management
    • Coordinating technical backup
    • Health, safety and risk assessment and management
    • Technology and data management
    • Negotiation and procurement
  5. Promotions manager:
    • Developing and implementing promotion strategy
    • Planning, designing and managing campaigns
    • Campaign related communications
  6. Guest relations specialist/Facilities manager:
    • Front office
    • Customer care
    • Greeting and escorting guest players and teams
    • Managing amenities and facilities
  7. Tournament director:
    • Ensure strict adherence to rules
    • Supervise the progress of a tournament
    • Enforce decisions to resolve disputes
    • Impose penalty for infraction of rules
  8. Athletic director: Overseeing all aspects of an athletic program including hiring coaches, scheduling, budget preparation, promotion,  compliance and facility management.  Therefore, in this position you obviously need to be a leader.

Who is eligible for Sports Management and where to get trained?

You need not necessarily be a Sports person but you certainly have to be a sports lover.    Certification in Sports Management is not a pre-requisite to enter the field but will provide you  a cutting edge.  The best course is one that

  • provides you robust practical training supplemented with the right amount of theory.
  • Provides access to industry network
  • Introduces you to true dynamics, best practices future trends and challenges.

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