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Top 9 reasons you should study Event Management

Now and then you must be reading about Event Management. Everyone will tell you that this is a field where you will learn more through experiment and exploration.

 No doubt!

 But a course in Event Management will certainly provide you knowledge and experience in a structured way.  It will make your journey towards success a    shorter, smoother and memorable one.

 Read on to check out 9  reasons why you should  do a course in Event Management  and how you could stay ahead of the crowd.

9 reasons why you should study Event Management

1. Flooding job opportunities: Events have become an inseparable and integral part of both personal and professional life today.  Among the large number of family gatherings, birth days, anniversaries, weddings and baby showers are few of the most common ones. In the official arena the few that come to mind immediately are MICE-, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.  Then there are special events like television and reality shows, Sports Management and marketing, international events and concerts, celebrity and artist management, fashion shows, product launches, road shows and promotional events.  There is obviously a huge demand for man power at different levels of management. For an industry that is expected to cross 10,000 crores by 2021, the supply of trained professionals is definitely not meeting the constantly rising demand.  Hence a certification promises you lucrative career opportunities especially if it is from a premier institute like team.i.

2. Personality development: A certification enhances your skills like interpersonal skills, communication, PR, marketing, negotiation, public speaking and presentation, team management and team play, the ores to a successful career in any    Swimming is best learnt when you are thrown in to the water.  Similarly, soft skills are also best learnt when you are on the field.  There could be nothing better than Event Management that will   sharpen a range of such skills within the shortest possible time span.  And there are all the possibilities that by the time you finish a certification you will have fallen in love with Event Management too. At team.i industry experts from leading brands contribute  towards your preparation for  future ventures. There are specially designed boot camps, workshops, seminars and conferences etc keeping these special needs of students in mind.

3. Tech upgradation: Event Management is an industry that embraces the latest and best technology every day. Well-structured courses like that at team.i will help you learn and adapt to latest technology an methodology faster than you would through experiment and exploration.

4. Effective listening: This I feel is the key skill for winning clients and team alike.  Something that appears simple but actually is a matter of a lot of training and practice.  A well-designed course curriculum essentially integrates drills in the same direction.  It provides constant   live opportunities from the industry to prepare you   for expected professional excellence.  At team.i it is the top priority while rendering professionals industry ready.

5. Optimize on creativity: Are you an out of the box thinker? Do you know the art of repacking existing stuff well? Then Event Management is the right profession.  But before diving, it is important to gage   how deep the water is and how well you can swim.   The best training package in Event Management will be your playground to check and measure your own abilities. Team.i offers ample practical opportunities through live industry projects to test your skills and to work towards improvements before you are employed.

6. Customer Services: You cannot learn this through books and theory. All the three courses at team.i are   carefully designed to teach you how to understand client needs and go beyond the verbalized    The tough task of being a professional while carrying the personal and friendly touch is easily injected into you during training. You would certainly be more ready for post-employment challenges.

7. Surprise lover: The industry is one with not a dull moment.  Do you hate desk jobs? Do you look for excitement and adventure? If tough timelines, odd hours of work and uncertainties do not bother you then you will make a very successful Event Manager.  A certification from a reputed institution introduces you to all these   characteristics and expectations of the industry.

8. Work-life balance: This is one of the few professions that gives you the liberty to decide how much you would like to take on at what point in time. There are all possibilities that with hard work and experience you could soon start your own venture. If your circumstances demand you also have the option to work from home.

9. Give back to society: If bringing joy to others makes you happy Event Management is one road. If you are a person who loves to interact, network, cooperate and collaborate you will enjoy your work. If you enjoy discussions, arguments and debates   and  feel you have valuable ideas, the industry is waiting for you. Professional training will give wings to your abilities and dreams.

Team.i-the Entertainment and Media Institute will help you    know yourself better. You would soon be sure about whether you and the industry need each other. If yes, The institute   could be your companion in your journey towards your dreams.

You only need to take a detailed tour of the website and get in touch with us if you are convinced www.teami.org

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