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How Shikha Escaped 9-5 Desk Job & Started her Event Management Career in 4 Months

Hey there, I am Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, founder of team.i- The Entertainment and Media Institute and Event Management specialist for a good 29 years now. Today I am  going to interview, Shikha Nihata, who attended team.i’s Event Career Kick-starter Program 2019.

 Shikha  was courageous enough to do away with the stereotypes of society and decide to follow her passion of working in the Event Industry. Coming from a professional commerce background, CMA, which is a UK based Management Accounting course, highly sought after and widely recognized in the field of finance, Shikha was looking at a bright future ahead of her but decided to quit nonetheless.

Here’s what we gathered from the brief discussion that I had with her.

About Shikha Nahata

Shikha comes from a core finance and investment background and having done her CMA course is currently working in one of the big four accounting firms in the world.

She has always been a keen event organizer right from her college days and took part in several college fests and enjoyed being a part of the core organizing committee.

She is proud to state that working in events is something that has always come naturally to her and is what made her decide to pursue it. She has been a part of the corporate world for a year now but is not something she sees herself doing 5 years down the line. This is when she decided to do whatever it takes to turn her dream into reality and deciding to join our team.i family was her first step in achieving it.

What made Shikha join team.i


Shikha came across team.i while doing her research on event management courses. What caught her attention was the flexibility and convenience our courses were offering.

Having a tight schedule, she was in search of a course that catered to her needs while not compromising on the quality of education it offered.

She spoke with our academic counsellors and was very pleased to find a perfect fit for her requirements.

The Event Career Kickstarter program turned out to be exactly what she was looking for. A four month online course that is specially designed for students having little time on their hands but are passionate about making a career out of events.

Finance to events… why?

Always on the lookout for passionate and driven students, Event management is one such course that demands dedication and love for events. It was her dislike for the 8 hour work day confined to a desk that really pushed her to question her choices.

She is a person who finds her forte in being surrounded by people, interacting and networking with them and being in the outdoors, first hand experiencing the thrill of being a part of a large social community. Not wanting to regret having wasted a wonderful opportunity it was all the assurity she needed to go ahead with her decision.

Why the need to do an Event Management Course?

Having spoken to a few people already in the industry, Shikha realized that event management has a lot more to it than what we see on the d-day.

When asked about measurements for a stage setup and the kind of material required for the backdrop, Shikha was struck with her lack of preparation and understood the minute detailing that was needed to create an event.

The backend work that goes into it requires an intensive study on the technical aspects of events and Shikha decided to first complete a course to fully understand what she was getting into. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is even an MBA program in Event Management today.

The Online Event Career Kickstarter program offered her a well structured package that taught her all the basics as well as gave her the real life exposure to cement her understanding in events.

Takeaways from the course

Shikha was initially hesitant when she heard about the online program because of the nature of the course. She was sceptical as she felt that a course such as Event Management cannot be taught virtually and required more of a practical learning medium.

She was however, extremely happy with the outcome and did not find it any different to a classroom setting. She received one-on-one training, could easily communicate her doubts and discussions with the lecturer and could learn at her own pace.

The 4 hour sessions were highly interactive and the best part for her was the provision of being able to approach the teachers even after the sessions to clarify her problems. Having joined a few weeks after the commencement of the program special classes were provided to bring her up to date with what had been taught and is something she is still appreciative about.

 Apart from being taught important event management methodologies, what really helped her grasp the entire concept were the events that she was a part of  through several internship programs that were a part of the course curriculum. By handling client and vendor calls and being made a part of big decisions it helped build her confidence and effectively contributed to more than the theoretical knowledge that was imparted through the online classes.

What is the next step after completing Online Event Management Course?

Having nearly come to the end of the 4 month program, Shikha’s love for events has only grown stronger and she has already been approached by several event companies.

She is grateful to team.i for playing a huge role in preparing her for all the opportunities that has come her way and we at team.i are extremely proud of all that she has achieved.

Shikha was a part of 2 corporate events, a family day out and a workshop that helped her prepare for her eventual incorporation into the world of events. What she finds to be most important when it comes to such events is organizational and communication skills. 

We are proud to say that Shikha has bagged a major position in one of the top event intellectual properties as their Project Manager and she is required to manage and collaborate with the entire team who will be running the events. All the training and practical exposure has made her industry ready and given her to confidence to take on roles such as these with zeal and a positive stride.

Adapting to the changes in her working lifestyle

She believes that it is all about the mindset that you adopt and how you prepare yourself to meet the obstacles in order to succeed in a new and challenging environment. She has been preparing herself for this and is excited and looking forward to start work. “If it is something you are truly interested in and passionate about, you will be willing to put in the work required to do your absolute best” is what she says.

Message for the future Event Management students

As student herself, Shikha understands the indecisiveness and the fears that come with wanting to change your career and pursue something unconventional.

Her message for future students is to take the first step and be brave to acknowledge where your strengths and passion lie. Once you do this, there are several doors out there waiting to be opened.

It is difficult to leave your comfort zone and venture into uncharted waters but if you are truly passionate and want to make a successful career out of it then there is no stopping you!

 We wish Shikha all the very best in all of her future endeavors!


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