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How to Prepare a Perfect Event Sponsorship Proposal?

Getting sponsors for events would be like providing wings to your imagination and dreams.  An effective proposal is not less than   the backbone for successful event planning and management. It   makes available the necessary funds and support to the organizers and enables business community to  engage with target audience.

You might perceive event sponsorship proposal writing   as a tedious and time-consuming process. Actually, it is an opportunity to share your unique idea and involve   the business community for mutual benefits.  

Event Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsoring an event means several benefits to the sponsor. These should be kept in mind and well emphasized while writing an effective proposal. Let us have a look at some below.  

  • Supplements the print and online marketing efforts of the brand giving it a wider reach.
  • Gives the brand credibility and helps build direct relationships with the target market.
  •  Boosts the perceived image by creating awareness.
  • Increases the exposure of the business to new clients, customers and businesses.
  • Generates new leads.

Event Sponsorship Proposal Letter

A well written covering letter increases the chances of   the proposal being looked at and taken seriously.

  1. “The first impression is the last impression.” See that the letter has a proper format and a professional look
    • Use your organization letter head and logo.
    • Choose language and tone consciously.
  2. It should be short and crisp, complete within one page.
  3. It is important to begin with an introduction of your organization and significant achievements if any. Supply evidences to establish credibility.
  4. This letter must convince the recipient that it is worth contributing and clearly outline the benefits the sponsor will get.
  5. Telling a short story about how the cause has helped someone may easily win attention.
  6. Enlisting relevant business and personal connections   could be a catalyst in attracting sponsorship.
  7. Personalizing:
    • Write the specific person’s name and designation handling sponsorship instead of sending a generic letter.
    • Your research should also include looking at the CSR policy of the company to see if  the event concept aligns.  The entire process will be simplified.
    • Study the background of leaders like CEOs. If they share something in common with your cause, then it is more useful to write to them directly.

Event Sponsorship Proposal Essentials

An event sponsorship proposal should persuade the patron that an association with the event  will provide important brand and social  responsibility benefits.

It must clearly provide details about time and cost.

How to Write a Proposal for Sponsorship?

1. Sponsorship objectives: Before writing a proposal you should be very clear about whether and how much support you need for covering operating costs, essential equipment, supplies and or association with a brand.  The idea should be to enhance the experience for both sponsors and those attending.

2. Promotion:

  • It is most important to communicate how the event provides the supporting brand to reach the target market.
  • Stress on the uniqueness of the idea.
  • Size, composition and specific interest of audience will make a strong appeal.
  • Bringing out the link between the event culture and marketing goals of the brand encourages sponsors.  For example, a Kindergarten Workshop for children will have Play Schools as sponsors.
  • A media covered event will obviously attract sponsors. It tells   sponsors that you are interested in promoting their business also.

1. Conscious opportunities should be provided to sponsors to contribute to your promotional material.

2. A mention of sponsors in your social media posts will make  them feel valued

3. Scope of involvement:

  • Share through the proposal what sponsors will get in return for their contribution.  In a Sports Event for instance, a brand may provide sportswear for participants.
  • Listing out tiered packages will attract a greater number of sponsors and benefits at different stages of the event.
  • Sponsorship packages need to be consciously customized keeping in mind the needs and targets of sponsors.
  • A clear scheme will see that bigger sponsors enjoy more benefits. 

4. Technology:

  • Sponsors can often support the event by improving facilities for the participants.  How about allowing them to cover the cost for WIFY access?
  • By advertisements on an Event Aap, they could acquire data on the number of people using it.

Best Event Sponsorship Proposal

  1. A meaningful proposal will give clear and complete details about, budget, time and benefits to the sponsors.
  2. With rising competition, lack of time and high expectations of the dynamic business environment, only proposals that are practical, based on experience and yet creative have a chance of getting noticed.
  3. The information being provided needs to be clear, complete and consistent.
  4. Though there are several templates available online to help you, there can not be a perfect one For an idea that is yours, the proposal will also come from you in your own style.
  5. Your proposal will have more chances of being read with keen interest if it has elements in the below hierarchical order,
    • Requirements
    • Message
    • Images: These immediately attract attention. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
    • Design
    • Innovation
  6. Data and apt analysis play a key role in attracting sponsors for a variety of events.
  7. Carefully chosen language and unusual format to present the proposal and use of the latest technology would definitely win interest of sponsors.

Personal follow up in the form of phone calls or appointments is essential after sharing the proposal in order to obtain the best results.

When   you receive sponsorship never forget to express your gratitude and acknowledge the same appropriately in order to nurture the relationship.

Event Sponsorship Ideas

To be able to attract sponsorship, your event should have some innovative ideas and concepts. Gone are the days when sponsors were satisfied with activities like handing out batches and momentous.  The traditional concept of booth and logo does not alone work anymore.  New, original and out of the box ideas could have magical impact.

Live and face to face interaction with audience is what sponsors will look forward to.  You have to ensure that sponsors get the most out of their investments.

  • Play areas and games always hold value irrespective of age groups.
  • Small competitions during the event and prices like sponsor’s products will make it
  • When the participants are allowed to use their creativity with the products of the sponsor like decorating these, there are more chances that a word is spread faster and more easily about the brand.
  • Save the environment activities and fitness sessions are other attractions
  • Staff and representatives with branded apparel or items or samples of products will help sponsors connect directly with the attendees. Free samples are always appreciated.
  • Sponsored live streaming would engage a larger number of audiences then physically involving
  • Augmented or virtual reality are useful for product and service demonstrations.
  • Highlight sponsors causes like CSR. This attracts greater participation by the crowd.
  • Theme backdrops and celebrity ambassadors add  the wow factor to your events.
  • Twitter and Snap Chat are cost affective social media platforms for events   to appear great.


It is time for you to think creatively. Create an opportunity for interaction between sponsors  and participants.  Design the event to build a positive image   of the sponsor’s brand.  and make that little extra effort to present your ideas in the best possible manner.  Sponsorship will walk your way.   An exceptional proposal is the road to building a long-term relationship with sponsors for future endeavors.

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